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DN Cosmetiques is a brand new luxury cosmetics brand, specializing in ultra-luxurious and cruelty-free lipsticks. Our liquid lipsticks come in thirty sumptuous shades, whether you like a vampy maroon or a pretty pastel pink.

Our Story

We are a luxury online cosmetics brand founded by the fabulous B.A. Bunny. I am a serious connoisseur of the finer things in life – whether it’s a glass of bubbly or a beautiful red lipstick. I have a passion for all things couture! DN Cosmetiques was born when I noticed what a struggle it was to find a lipstick that not only came in beautiful colors and was easy to wear but to find one that was also cruelty-free! So I set out to create a line of cruelty-free luxury lipsticks to share with you. Our formulations meet the strictest global guidelines for cruelty-free ingredients. Our liquid lipsticks perform exceptionally, and they don’t harm a single bunny! We are constantly conscious of the ever-changing luxury beauty standards and are always updating our ingredients to match our high standards.

Our Products

We specialize in liquid lipstick: we promise they are smudge-proof, water-resistant, and more importantly…kiss proof! Our unique formula is specially created to be absolutely transfer-proof and feather-proof, so you’re left with a stay-all-day lipstick that will look fresh from breakfast meetings to happy hour.

We have a unique transfer-proof, no budge, anti-feathering liquid lipstick formulation available in 30 colors. We also offer free domestic and international shipping with certain purchase minimums.

The Perfect Color for Everyone!

Have you ever purchased a lipstick based on the color on the tube, tried it on at home, and found that the color is completely different? You will never have to experience that disappointment again, thanks to our fool-proof lipstick. The color you see in the tube is the color that will appear on your lips! No matter your skin tone, this liquid lipstick will leave you with an Instagram-worthy pout.

Whether you’re the kind of gal who opts for a pastel pink, or you opt for something a little sultrier, we have a wide selection of colors for you. We’ve also got a range of light and dark nudes, which make a great addition to your day-to-day makeup regime. We offer thirty different colors of liquid lipstick, so you will surely find the perfect color for you!

Plus, for the more daring of you out there, we’ve just released some really bold hues, including a forest green and a royal purple! These colors are great for any special occasion, or if you want to add a little pop to your daily wardrobe.

Ultra-Long Wear

Even after a night of drinks and dancing, your lipstick will look as fresh as when you applied it. The lipstick goes on opaque and stays a luscious matte finish until you choose to remove it. Our formula is unique to our brand and provides exceptional coverage and performance. Our full-coverage lipstick is designed to be water-resistant, so whether you’re drinking water or opting for champagne, your lipstick will remain just as luscious as the second you put it on. It’s also feather-proof, so there’s no need to lather on heavy lip liner before applying. The lipstick will stay in place for hours, with no need to correct any feathering that may occur.

Our lipstick is also completely transfer-proof! Your clothes are safe from the dreaded lipstick stain! Our lipstick will not leave any pigment on your stellar outfit, or on the cheeks of any of your friends.

Easy Removal

At the end of the night, all you need is a swipe of oil-based makeup remover to remove the lipstick! No longer will you have to worry about staining pigments, since our formula comes off just as easily as it glides on.

How to Wear

Before you apply, we recommend exfoliating your lips. This can either be done with a store-purchased exfoliant or made at home by applying brown sugar to your lips. Since liquid lipstick dries matte, it can reveal any dryness in your lips. Be sure to moisturize with some chapstick prior to applying! Using a lip liner will make for the sharpest lines, so if you want to use lip liner, lightly trace the outside of your lips prior to applying DN Cosmetiques liquid lipstick. Apply the lipstick, and you’re ready for the night! Snap a photo of your gorgeous new lipstick look and tag us in it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Our pro tips: we recommend avoiding any foods with oil. We also recommend having an oil-based makeup remover ready for the end of the night for the easiest removal.

Free Domestic and International Shipping

Never worry about expensive shipping fees again! We offer free domestic and international shipping with purchase minimums, so there are no hidden fees in your purchase. As soon as you pick out your perfect shades, put them in your cart and we’ll send them to you as soon as we can! Free domestic shipping starts at $50.00 and international $150.00

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Our liquid lipsticks are some of our most popular formulas, and we know why! The luxury formula feels silky smooth when applied, and the exceptional coverage and performance will ensure it will stay in place no matter what you get up to (hint hint: it's kiss proof!)

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