Liquid lipstick vs traditional lipstick

Posted on December 23 2017

Every beauty channel and beauty guru is on the liquid lipstick bandwagon. Liquid lipsticks are not new, but we can not deny their current popularity. 
Why does it seem everyone is abandoning the old tried and true wax based lip rouge for the liquid version? Is liquid better than stick? Let's compare the two.
Color options:
Both are available in an infinite spectrum of colors and undertones. 
Traditional wax based lipsticks offer every finish from matte, to frost, to metallic, to glittery. Liquid lipsticks are far behind in this arena. Most liquid lipsticks are available in matte, and most recently metallic, finishes. 
Wax based lipsticks offer coverage versatility from sheer to opaque depending on the formula and application. Liquid lipsticks, however, are typically full coverage. Attempting sheer coverage with a full coverage liquid lipstick can leave you with a patchy unflattering mess.
Wax based lipsticks can be drying based on the formula or finish. Typically mattes are more drying than frosts and shimmers. Liquid lipsticks are notoriously drying. However higher quality liquid lipsticks have a flexible formula the does not leave properly moisturized lips feeling parched.
Traditional wax based lipsticks tend to rub/wipe off with the slightest effort and require frequent touch ups. This is where liquid lipstick outshines its wax based counterpart. Liquid lipstick staying power under typical circumstances is unrivaled. You will need more than a napkin to remove most quality liquid lipsticks. 
Wax based lipsticks are available everywhere beauty products are sold. With the rise in popularity of liquid lipsticks they too are widely available. 
Wax based stick lip color price range varies, as do most beauty products. They are available at the dollar store and high end boutiques, and every price point in between. Liquid lipsticks were on the high end of the price spectrum a few years ago. However with the surge of indie brands and drugstore brands releasing liquid lipsticks cost has decreased. 
Again, this determining factor is a draw. Both traditional lipsticks and liquid lipstick quality ranges from excellent to crap based on formula, color, brand, etc. Even within one brand there can be duds.
Which lip rouge wins? They are both winners! It is all about personal preference. Grandma may never give up her deep plum wax based lipstick, no matter how many plummy lip prints she leaves on coffee cups and grandkids' cheeks. Younger makeup addicts and novices swear by and prefer liquid. If you are a makeup junkie, like us, you have and love both. 


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